i miss new york in so many ways possible.

i accomplished so much but having done so, it left me wanting more…

what is this magic in your eyes i see?


500 days of Summer.

It was so real, it broke my heart.

It was so raw at times, it hurt my heart.

It wasn’t a perfect fairy tale romance just like what they always did in the movies. It was so wonderfully done in a non-linear fashion.

It was an ending that was so painfully true and bitter sweet. An ending that could well be happening to someone in some part of the world right now.

It wasn’t a love story indeed like what the narrator said. It wasn’t a love story about two people. But at the end of the day, it was a love story. It was a story about love.

Its about how love hurts. Its about how love is capable of taking every single joy you used to know out of your life. Its about how love breaks you.

But at the same time, its about how love changes your life. its about how love lifts you up. Its about how love makes you hope and makes you feel like anything is possible. its about how love is about second chances. Its about how one love has to hurt to make you treasure another. Its about sometimes admiring how fate plays a hand in love.

” my wife is the light that guides me home.” – his boss

his best friends said something along these lines: ” my dream girl would be someone with bodacious racks… preferably sporty… but she ( in reference to his gf) better than my dream girl. she’s real.”

It hurt. It made me feel. It made me think. All the things that made a love so special. All those special places, special memories.


Love changes changes everything
love makes you fly, it can break your wings
love changes changes everything
love makes the rules, from fools to kings
love changes, love changes everything

Its one of those crazy gloomy afternoons and its raining like there’s no tomorrow.

Its one of those afternoons that my heart takes over and I miss.



I just made my cheapest online transaction EVER of USD $1.50 for a bus ride from NYC to Albany.

If only all online transactions were this painless.

I know this has probably been reproduced many times on the web. But comfort and inspiration oft comes at odd times.

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